Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spaghetti for Dinner?

Last Winter break, I had my kids down here in South Florida and we stayed with my Dad. (This was before I had an apartment in Miami.) The night before we left to take them back to Gainesville, we had Spaghetti for dinner. The next morning my son was sick to his stomach and threw up a little. He had an upset stomach, no one else that ate the spaghetti got sick.
Yesterday when we went over to My Dads apartment to visit ,the first thing My son said to My Dads Girlfriend was: " I am not eating any of your spaghetti, it makes me sick"


Ian Thomas Healy said...

That's pretty funny. From the mouths of babes come such honest truths that we as parents can barely stand it, yanno?


Bill From Gainesville said...

Healy, -- Kids will definitely tell you exactly how it is. -- He has done some other gems as well...

Native Minnow said...

Kids rule!

PhoenixHearse said...

Somehow I'm guessing your dad got an earful from her that night about how bratty his grandkids are.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Native Minnow -- They will add humor to your life thats for sure, plus they teach patience and they expand what you think you know about love. so in that sense they do rule..
Phoenix -- the woman shouldnt have poisoned my sons Spaghetti and he wouldnt have had to call her out on it... Or maybe he was just sick and threw up the last meal he happened to have but doesnt understand cause and effect all hat well yet?