Thursday, April 17, 2008

Update on Dennis Blunden

Where and what has Dennis Blunden been up to? Who exactly is Dennis Blunden? He was the heavyset guy on head of the class, that's who. His real name is Dan Schneider and he is currently a writer and executive producer for a T.V. show called I-Carly. Yesterday he was in the audience of American Idol and My Internet friend. (Midwesterner in NY,) caught him on TiVo. Because He blogs, (midwesterner, Not Blunden) we were able to figure out what he is up to, apparently going to American Idol shows and writing children's T.V.
And when I say "we" I mostly mean Midwesterner, although as you can see after you hop on board this Magic link spot and zoom to a computer in NYC, I did have a CRUCIAL and VITAL role in helping: Okay that's me patting myself on the back for work and hustle other people did... See what an Awesome manager I used to be?

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Native Minnow said...

I knew I keep coming here for a reason