Friday, April 4, 2008

The Vaudeville Post

This blog post is not about any one thing, but rather a variety of things. Think of it like the days of Vaudeville. You get a little Drama, a little Comedy, a little Polka Music, Eat some popcorn and smoke a cheap cigar while you wear a three piece suit and have a funny mustache.

First of all, an alert reader, after reading yesterdays post sent this follow up story in to me via my personal E-mail:,2933,345489,00.html
It’s a follow up story on the gator thing from yesterday, only it has a different cast of characters and a different outcome.
Its like a sequel, except all the original actors are big time now so they used the cast from saving the bell for the remake.

In this one, the reptile doesn’t become shoes, but somebody does end up at the doctor discussing bite wounds. We also have a hero in her husband. Plus, this is just part of a blog post and a link for me, for the people the story is about, it’s a lifelong memory.

I wouldn’t want to go through what they went through, but if I did, I would damn sure want to talk about it every chance I had for the rest of my life. I am sure my friends would listen to me tell it for a little while, till they told me to shut the fuck up about it….

In other news, the fact that I heard about this particular Gator/ Croc story from my friend offline is, in and of itself, a topic to point out. Ok, technically, she sent it to me online, but it wasn’t on the blog world part of the online, it was on the oh so nineteen nineties E-Mail part of the online.

She could have just posted her comment in the comments section and even pasted the link in there, but she didn’t. I understand her very well though, the woman once hit me in the head with a softball while I was looking in another direction. Damn near broke my glasses. (I only wear glasses when I am pitching to look like wild thing from Major League, I see fucking absolutely perfect, If perfect is kind of blurry looking and hazy and stuff) My point here though, is all of my real world friends, except for one exception, (shout out to Manningstalker) live in a world where if you comment in the comments section of a blog, you might find yourself slathered in chocolate and locked up in a tiny little prison cell with hugely muscled up gay men who adore chocolate, so I don’t judge you guys not commenting. I completely understand.

As far as some other vaudeville stuff I want to tell you about, hang with me here as we post a picture of a beautiful looking family.

That’s all I have about that, nothing extra to say. Sometimes Genius needs to be left alone and that is such a Genius photograph. I hope everyone just quits reading my brilliant writing just now and look at that picture and let their souls commune with the universe. Its just such a poignant snapshot of Mullethead …..

Finally, as we close on yet another completely different vaudeville act: This is the one where I tell you how much I am looking forward to the upcoming week. Spring break is here and I am lucky enough to have my kids for the whole week. In all honesty I am overjoyed about the situation, but also am feeling slightly anxious about it. Being a Single parent is nothing I ever wanted for myself, just as I know my wife didn’t either. She is doing a very outstanding job as the starting parent, I am just glad that She was able to lead our team/ family in such a blowout, that the backup parent (me) gets a little playing time this week. I understand its not the total real deal as they are off from school and stuff, just like the backup roots for a blowout type win so he can get his playing time. It will be my best week in a really long while. I miss ....anyways its like Forest Gump says: That's all I have to say about that....

I am out of here, I have 332 miles to drive tomorrow just to get them, and then another buck ten back down to Orlando so that we can go to the place where you get to stand in line for twenty nine minutes, just so you can ride an attraction for three minutes. Saturday will be like my sex life evidently, if foreplay is equivalent to waiting in lines and the good stuff is the actual rides themselves.

I wont be posting again till Monday. I recommend you come back though, and read this again if you miss me. I know Bill Romanowski will be here multiple times, I think the Roids hurt his memory retention and he will vaguely recall seeing his name in this post but then forget it, but he will have such warm feelings overall about this blog post that he will just click and re-click. In fact he will be Clickilicious. I wont even be able to respond to any comments till Monday. (maybe Sunday)


Native Minnow said...

Drive safe, and have fun with your kids.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I get nailed to a wall for not leaving a comment and instead emailing (which is oh-so-ancient)... but it's really because I couldn't think of a cool sign-on name...I mean how do you compete with "native minnow," "phoenix hearse," or "charming hedonist?" This one will take a while.
In another note, did you just compare a trip to Disney with sex? That's a new one!

PhoenixHearse said...

Oooh! Have fun at DisneyWorld!

The Charming Hedonist said...

Disney and sex, huh? I recall someone saying something to me once about The Haunted Mansion and making me scream in the dark.... and that's all I have to say about that.

Have fun!

Bill From Gainesville said...

Minnow. right, looking forward to the whole week.
Anon-- you are like Clarke from Lewis and Clarke, just breaking down barriers and exploring new territories. Crazy Commenting place-
Phoenix. ended up going to Universal, My Daughter wanted to try that... so did the new thing this time. still long lines and then short rides
Hedo... dont know anything about the haunted mansion except on my senior trip in High School a Stoner kid fired one up in the same cart as me and the attendant scolded us which was SOOO much better then getting busted ...