Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Here is to the Flow part, not the Ebb part

There are up days, and there are down days. Yesterday was a downer. Sometimes I feel like I am a frisbee that was placed inside a drying machine. Not only is the heat hard on my plasticness that is my frisbee skin, The banging around on the sides gives me a headache.
I had to think about why I was down yesterday, since I am always living inside my head and couldn't just go somewhere else. Turns out, the lack of control over my life is the problem. My job ebbs and flows and when it is flowing it means more work, more money, and when it ebbs, it means less work (yay! less work) but also less money (boo! less money) Then I saw the fake oscar the grouch video, and I laughed and laughed and then I actually figured out how to put a video into my website, so life seemed to be getting its butt off the ebb and back into the flow, then I watched the last four episodes of the first season of weeds. If you have not seen Weeds you really should, its relatively well written, it has a unique premise and plus Mary Louise Parker is in it and the woman can flat out act. She can make her facial expressions talk. I really recommend you put it in your queue.

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