Thursday, April 24, 2008

My McDonalds

So I played hurt yesterday, but I played, and ended up not taking any naps. I went to Lunch at McDonalds. I usually respect myself enough not to do that, but in my injured state I said to heck with it, and walked on over to the worst run, most disgusting McDonalds of all the McDonalds in all the world. Of all the cool stores and restaurants in down town Miami, the McDonalds on 4th street and 2nd avenue just isn't one of them.
I am just talking about the thing living up to a normal McDonalds, not like I think a McDonalds should have cloth napkins or anything like that. I dont expect McDonalds to cure world peace, stop rising Gas Prices, or cure aids, I just want it to do what its supposed to do and be what its supposed to be. Make me some damn fries that Kick My Taste buds in their metaphorical asses, thats what McDonalds is known for in the end. Give me a crappy little burger, but do it fast. You are a fast food place so this isnt asking much is it? This place is two very short blocks from my home but in my mind it is fast becoming a place that might as well be a million space miles from here. I should know by now to NEVER EVER go to this disgusting place ever again. Its right next to Miami Dade Community College, so it is always packed with college kids. With all the buildings going up in the neighborhood there are tons of construction workers as well. This is a McDonalds that Needs another McDonalds to open up right next door to it, its such a cash cow and I guess the owners are just rolling around in all the money and dont care if they are the crap of the crapiest of all the McDonalds in all the world. They open one cash register and man it with an idiot person from slowvania. The food is like something you would get at a McDonalds, and the lines are only tolerable by looking at how filthy the floors are. They dont understand that McDonalds is supposed to have AWESOME French Fries, they think the fries are supposed to be soggy and cold. As I waited in line today to place my order I thought about quitting my job so that I could come to work for this stupid place and fix it. This place seriously lacks leadership. The tolerance levels for subpar mediocrity is way to low. I hate having the Idiot McDonalds be my McDonalds, but thats what life has dealt me. Of the 10 thousand McDonalds in all the world the one that is in walking distance of my house is in Last Place. Badap bup bup bahhh Immmmmm Lovin it....NOT.

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