Thursday, May 1, 2008


Driving quite a bit today, then tomorrow, driving so much more. Lots of it in order to do part of my job. Lots more of it to see the two people I made. Two different types of driving. At some point today someone will complement me on a two hundred and ninety foot portion of one of my drives, tomorrow though, It will just be the radio and my lower back.
Okay, maybe it will only be two hundred and seventy five.


Ribonuff said...

How are you handling the price of gasoline?
Does it deeply bother you?
Are you glad you don't have to pay the higher prices that some other countries have to pay?

Bill From Gainesville said...

I am handling the price of gasoline basically by Bitching and moaning about it. I am glad I dont live in Europe for lots of reasons and certainly paying 7 dollars a gallon or so is one of them, plus I never did learn Metrics.

50% Quickdraw said...

Half of the quickdraw brothers here and must offer my apologies for taking so long to join in what appears to be some quality, daily insight (fun). Everything from porn to homeless chicks to weiners. Of course, thanks for not sharing photos of the weiner and thanks for sharing the porn convention photos. Often, all that surfing for free porn, just to get about 20 seconds of yeehaw, when now I can just pan down thru your earlier blogs to find all the porn photos I need AND, not have to worry bout the mrs. coming in and catching me cause she is all about your blog. Rest easy tonight and we'll talk again soon.

Bill From Gainesville said...

The Elder of the quickdraws! Just FYI, that post about the porn convention is kind of like a PG 13 version of Porn its more implied porn then actual porn. --