Saturday, May 10, 2008

Gator Nation finds some shame today

Imagine you have a beautiful daughter. Imagine she was 21 years old, going to college and one day she was on the back of her boyfriends Motorcycle when it crashed. Both her and the boyfriend died. You grieve and mourn this loss which is absolutely beyond comprehension. Unimaginable, is how I would characterize that loss as a parent. Devastating.
Six months later you discover that someone has been using her credit card beginning the day after her death? The boyfriend was a walk on Gator Football player. One of his friends was Jamar Hornsby, a safety and special team player on the Gator Football Team. He evidently helped clean out the apartment the day after the death. It would appear he also helped himself to a credit card that wasn't his. I have experience with people stealing credit cards from me, So I understand the huge amount of hurt and sense of betrayal and how violated it makes you feel, but to do it with a dead persons card? Jamar, that is just Evil. Good for Coach Meyer kicking him off the team. It is just shameful what he did to that girls family. Besides, Hornsby wore number 7, which is also Cornelius Ingram's number. Before that, Danny Freaking Wuerffel wore that number. Its sad for Hornsby also. He has screwed his life up for three thousand dollars or so. It just saddens me for everyone. I think about the dead kids, the families, even Jamar. He screwed up and deserves the punishment that is coming his way, but its still tragic and its just so very stupid. UGHHHH


Quin Browne said...

i read this, and as the mother of a young girl, i found myself doing the gasping thing.

it would be difficult enough to come across a letter misdirected in the mail, or an old card... but, to have to deal with this..not just the billing, but, the phone calls, the explaining, all of it, keeping the wound open and raw.

jamar, you are a wankstain.

jus' sayin'

Bill From Gainesville said...

It really is a sad story on multiple levels