Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Complidig

The other day I told someone about my blog and gave her the URL address. The next day, I spoke with her about some other things, but during our conversation she brought up my blog. She said something close to the following: "I liked your blog, your kind of smart, you would never know." -I thought that was an outstanding dig! Its an art to dig on someone in such a creative way! That is both a complement and a dig at the same time. There should be a word for this, and I think that word should be Complidig. Compli, from the word Complement, Dig from the whole word dig. (Pretend like I was breaking some stuff down from the Latin) I take no offense . I enjoyed the humour, and in reality, I am actually not very smart, I am pretty good at bullshitting though. In my mind, I was thanking her for the blog post material. Plus, I was playing golf when we had that conversation, She was working. Pretty smart of me to get out on a beautiful day like that day was, and play golf. Plus, I won a 25 dollar Starbucks gift card in the after tournament raffle. She was working. Did I mention I was playing Golf, drinking beer, telling lies and basking in the glory that was that day? I was truly LIVING. I think she was working.


PhoenixHearse said...

Ah yes, the complidig. This reminds me of a list I found a while ago:
Things I've Heard In Public Restrooms

90hazelnut said...

A very funny entry today! Thanks! I am smiling. ;-)
Looks like you came out ahead, all around.

Ribonuff said...

I enjoyed your post.
I suppose we all know people like this.
Unfortunately, my mother is a big one for digs - "I was just joking, sweetheart; surely you must realize that, you big dummy."
But to balance the universe, I have a very complimentary lifelong friend, too. We have weathered thick and thin, but it was usually thick.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Phoenix that is so funny and an excellent idea for a blog post!
90 Hazelnut, thank you!
Ribonuff, I think its an honor when people pick on you , it truly does mean they care. I know when I threw that butter in that one girls hair in the 4th grade I picked her out because I liked her the most.