Saturday, May 10, 2008


Okay, Nancy is the character played by Mary Louise Parker, she is married to a DEA agent, for business purposes only. She met him because her kid, bit his kids, leg. They don't live together because no one knows they are married, well hardly anyone, her business partner the black man who thought up the grow house angle, he knows. The thing is, this show started out, season one episode one and then each episode builds and builds and builds, until your whole mind is blown away when you are watching the second half of season two like I am tonight. I kid you not. I am an Old man, been around watching T.V. for a long long time. This show might be the best show EVER, of all time. EVER. I am not going to waste the stuff for those that haven't done it yet, but you MUST RENT THIS SHOW... Seriously Trust me, its just outstanding T.V. -- they live in a suburb called Agrestic. My head is going to explode its so good... I love the writers of this show


Native Minnow said...

Ok, I haven't seen this yet, and have heard nothing but good things about it, but I am going to contest your claim that it is the best TV show ever. No way it's better than The Wire. No. Way.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Minnow. fine, do whatever you think you need to do. but before you do all that manly shit of proving yourself wrong? just rent season one and two of Weeds, then bitch about me for the first two epsisodes or so, the let it grow on you and if after watching the full first two seasons, and giving it an honest shot EVER. then fuck with me then for my T.V. viewing, until then shut the fuck up and I agree the wire is damn good shit. just not quite weeds material. so FUCK YOU and I say hat with the true love I have for you..