Thursday, May 8, 2008

The beatdown or the pick me up?

I keep on trying to figure it out. At some point, don't you feel like you should just kind of understand how life works? Its like this, if you made it to middle age, Not only should you be wise, but you should also understand women by now? Why do pretty women still get me flustered? and its not even just the young ones, Its basically the youngsters in their late twenties, all the way up to the mid forties. A woman that is my age, and that understands herself is pretty awesome to behold.
Sometimes I wonder if Gay dudes end up that way just because its easier then trying to understand women? I can certainly appreciate that perspective. I mean, I don't appreciate it enough to actually go gay or anything, but I guess what I am saying, is that, if its easier for you to do all that Gayness, then try to figure out women, I can at least understand where you are coming from. Not my choice, but I understand the perspective.
Anyhow, I am not in a good position to blog about stuff because I am feeling a little bit beaten, It comes and goes, and I realize I am a moderately ok dude, and eventually everything will all work out, but sometimes the rejection and the beat down just gets tiring. And yes, I do appreciate the other times when it is all good. Life always tries to balance everything out for you.
Don't let the beat downs phase you to much, and don't get to full of yourself when all is well in the world.
Also, my mailman left me a bag. Can you believe that? Its a plastic bag that you put groceries in and they are asking that I fill it up and place it by the mail room. They will then pick it up and send it on to the various homeless shelters etc. I will participate, but still, Opening your mailbox, and finding only a plastic bag? It's just depressing. Its like Charlie Brown always getting rocks in his Trick Or Treat bag.
Its especially frustrating because I just bought a new ladder online, and I am waiting for the delivery. So every day I am thinking I will have a note in my mailbox, asking me to come and get my new AWESOMEmcAWESOMEY Telescopic ladder. and then today? All I got was a rock in my trick or treat bag. I guess it serves me right though, for getting excited about a ladder? who does that? I promise it will get its own blog post once it is shipped though, because this is my blog and that ladder is really cool to me, and even though It is not lost on me how stupid and geeky it is to get excited about having a new ladder, that's also part of who I am so I will share...
It is a ladder that will fit in my trunk and when I pull it out and do all that telescopic stuff with it, I will be able to get on a roof in shear style. Now, I have this huge ladder that wont fit in my trunk. Its a fold out,but I still have to carry it around in my back seat. That is going to be over so soon though, and when it is, we will celebrate that day on this website. I need you to look forward to the delivery also maybe I should get some little hats to give to the UPS guy? some of those little blowy things that stretch out and whistle?
Rick- Thanks again for the Link!


PhoenixHearse said...

I completely understand. I couldn't contain my excitement waiting for my new front-load washer and dryer to show up.

Holly said...

Haha! That bag-in-your-mailbox thing. What I want to know is why do they put it in there only two days before they want to pick it up? Don't they know some people plan their shopping?

Bill From Gainesville said...

Phoenix - I am about to burst waiting for it, I expect it will be here any day now. I also step out of my head and look at myself getting all excited about a ladder and wonder, what the hell?
Holly-- the bag in the mailbox thing is quite the letdown --Also I am not sure if this postman is any good or not. He is inconsistant on when he gets here and that can be frustrating when you are waiting for a check or something, then he pulls this stuff with the bag...

Native Minnow said...

I love the analogy to the rock in the trick-or-treat bag. In fact, that gives me a great idea for this Halloween.

Quin Browne said...

i came home to my new tshirt from

so, allow me to do this for you..and i don't do it for everyone, because i am basically pretty shy.

(there, there)

that was a back pat,with one of those kind of awkward hug things.

ps i <3 your writing, too.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Awkward hug/ pat acknowledged ! Thanks Quin :)