Monday, May 19, 2008

Jumping out of a plane

Friday night, I was talking with a fellow who was also at the Case Law Seminar, he was one of the lawyers from the firm. We were talking about one of his dreams. He wants to parachute out of a plane. The twist though, is that he just wants to do it. He doesnt want to have to go to a class, he doesn't want an instructor to have to strap on to his back. He just wants to get a parachute, put it on, go up in a plane and jump. He said even if it was a super hot woman jump instructor, he still doesn't want to do it any other way then just by himself. He really feels like lawyers and lawsuits have messed this type of stuff up. He even has a personal friend that flies planes suitable to jumping out of, and that guy wouldn't even agree to his crazy ass idea. He told him he would draw up the airtight hold harmless agreement himself. Bottom line, because of our suit happy society it would appear you can't just willy nilly jump out of a plane without first taking some kind of a class, and even then you would probably have to have a guy strapped on to you as well. -- Your Jumping out of a plane type of living is miles behind your swimming with a pack of sharks in chum infested water type of living. That, you can sign a release and do, but jumping out of a plane without going through a bunch of bull first? Not so much.
It's part of the times we live in. If we lived in the year 1898, you could just jump out of a plane whenever you wanted to, of course the catch is, they didnt have planes back then, but even if it was 1932, you could easily just hire a guy to fly you up and then jump out. Its because we have so many lawyers and laws and regulations that we have all these problems just jumping out of a plane without first taking all kinds of classes and stuff.


scg said...

Bill, the guy who gets chewed up by sharks doesn't hurt anyone else. The nitwit that leaps out of a plane without lessons and fails to open his chute could land on top of Rudy Crew. Then were would all of Miami-Dade county "F" schools be???

Not that I'm a fan of lawyers........


Bill From Gainesville said...

Good point SCG, and one we did not contemplate when we were discussing it for hours that night. I kid you not, we were laughing so hard, maybe it was the drinking, but it was just a funny funny thing Its weird how stuff that is funny in the real world is hard to write up correctly in a blog to come accross, in fact I didnt even try to make it funny , I mean I did try, but then I gave it up and just kind of posted the facts cause its still an interesting premise, but when we were drunk and going off about it it was hilarious. Its weird how actually funny stuff sometimes doesnt work so well in the writing and then mundane stuff like getting eggs from the store, or receiving a ladder from the mail can be kind of humurous