Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hello, My Name is Bill, I havent had McMuffins from the crappy McDonalds next to my condo now for 10 days

I have not been to the McDonalds that is just a block or so away from my house since the day Spike Lee sort of yelled in my vicinity. I do realize its one day at a time for me with that particular Mackey Dees, however.
The convenience of it being just a block or so away is a huge aphrodisiac. Having a McDonalds ready to give up the Egg McMuffins so close to your house is not for the faint of heart. I am like a recovering crack addict living in the middle of the Bolivian cocoa fields. I have to get up every day and not think about it. Most days, its easy. If I catch a beer Buzz or if I feel the need for a greasy Egg McMuffin on a hang over, that's when I may be in trouble. Just consider this part of the post where I get up in front of you and tell you: "Hi, My Name is Bill, and I haven't eaten at the disgusting McDonalds right by my condo for 10 days." Then you say: "Hello Bill"
This is not to say I haven't had McDonalds in other parts of the world for breakfast in the past ten days. Most McDonalds don't disgust me like the one next to my home . Most McDonalds are just a part of the back drop that is our lives. As you drive around they are constantly zipping by in the background. In fact here is a particularly cute McDonalds I noticed the other day on US1 near Coral Gables:

This particular McDonalds happens to be on the corner of US1 and wait for it.....MCDONALD Avenue. Unfortunately I do believe a McDonalds on McDonalds only tends to amuse me and then I make a big deal out of it on my blog and people say what the heck is wrong with that guy?
You may not be able to read the sign in the picture below this paragraph, but if you put your pointy arrow thingy on the photo and double click it, that will make the whole picture big enough where you can read the name of that street. I took the picture of the McDonalds while sitting in my car and then the picture of the sign shortly after that, just after the light had turned green. I wish I could have had both the store and the sign in the same photo, but I think it would have required that I park the car to figure that out.

Also, my flowers died so I got some more. $13.00 from a guy on the side of the road. Miami may cost an arm and a leg for most stuff, but they certainly give good flower value. That same set up would have easily been $27.00 up in the North Central part of the State. Of course up there parking is generally free, so it probably all evens out.

Quite a few of you sent me comments about finding some better analytic software, and I thank all of you. Blogger and I are still together, we just decided we would only have a Platonic relationship and she wouldn't have to give up the analytics part since it was such a stumbling block for her. I will still post and we will still hang out, but I wont be pestering her for analytics anymore. I have another site now that is taking care of that end of my blogging needs. Its not the main focus its just kind of like a friend that provides benefits. Blogger and I are also just friends now and the tension has completely left the room, I don't think I have to make myself a Bomb ass website now after all. I can just continue with this setup.


Native Minnow said...

Blogger is such a tease

PhoenixHearse said...

I like the new flowers better! Roses are so cliche.

Bill From Gainesville said...

we are ok now, I have a place to post and then I am allowed to sneak out to another website to see my hits and visits and stuff... Got one today from TURKEY!

Bill From Gainesville said...

And I like these better as well. They just seem like such a DEAL for only 13 dollars? thats just alot of flower