Thursday, May 29, 2008

Where is the Cheers type of place here in Downtown Miami?

I think every single guy should have a bar, not that you can't have a bar as a married man, I just think having a bar as a single guy is slightly more important. I am not talking about owning the thing, but about a place you can go to get dinner, have a few beers, watch some T.V. and maybe its a place where they know your name.
Like Cheers was for Cliff, Norm and Frasier.
It's not as easy finding the perfect place like it was for Cliff, Norm and Frasier though. You can't just turn on the T.V. at 8 p.m. on Thursday nights and be there, like those guys could back in the late 80's. Because Cheers is in Boston, but pretty much everyone in America could view that place back in the day when that show was on prime time, and you still can, if you have as a channel on your cable system.
Finding this bar that you can call your own is a brutal process. There are so many variables about having the perfect bar, that are completely out of your control. Its like finding a relationship with a woman. Not any woman will do, and not any bar can suffice. You want the woman to be smart, and you want the bar to be close by. You want the woman to be attractive enough, and the bar can't charge to much for their drinks. You want an equal as a woman to have a relationship with, and your bar should have a television, probably multiple televisions, HD would be nice. The bar should "get you" and the woman should do the same. Its a two way street though. To have a relationship, you should "get" her as well, and understand and appreciate her. Just like the bar should be a place that the bartenders know you by name, the woman should allow you to be you.
The perfect woman does not exist, but guess what, you probably arent perfect either. This by no means, is an excuse to settle, not with the woman, or the bar, but you should be a big enough man that you can except some baggage that comes with either a relationship, or the bar you call your own.
Maybe the woman talks a little to much, and maybe the bar occasionally plays crap music. Maybe the woman is always late and that drives you crazy. The bar might slightly overprice their drinks, but remember, you probably also suck in some ways as well. You might be a bit to anal about stuff being in the right place, or maybe you think way to much about football. Maybe its you that actually talks to much? She might be stunningly beautiful and you, not so much, but she likes you because you are funny and have a huge personality. Just saying, allowing for give and take is part of the process, but again, that is in no way an excuse to ever settle on either the bar or the relationship.
Right now I am currently seeing three different bars on a relatively regular basis. All three are close enough that I don't have to drive my car to get to them, which is good on the occassions when I imbibe to much, and all three of them have flaws as well as huge upsides.
They are all on the golf course right now, metaphorically speaking, so not any of them are in the clubhouse with a score to beat. The current leader is one that I go to the most often. It has a relatively well priced menu for both the food and the drinks. It has two hot looking bartenders that know me by name. It has the requisite Televisions and it is a fun place. Not only that, but there are a few regulars that hang out there that amuse me in conversation. They know me and I know them. We aren't necessarily friends, but we do kind of hang together to some degree when we are at the place at the same time. Here is the problem with this bar however, It closes on Saturday and Sundays, how messed up is that? to be fair though it's primary deal is as a lunch place for working downtowners. It also has a primarily male clientele, which I am not knocking, but the perfect place would have more women hanging out then this particular bar has.
The second place contender to become my bar is also within walking distance, so that is a plus. The bartenders are all dudes, but they are cool and funny and they also know me by name as well as my beer of choice. This particular place is also very upscale and has a killer location, an outstanding view of the river and awesome food. In fact, the food is better then the leader, which brings me to the negatives with this place. It is the most expensive of the three. It is primarily a place to get super nice dinners, so it doesnt have much of a regular clientelle. The bar here is more like a place to wait rather then actually hang out and have a good time.
Finally the Sergio Garcia of the three places. This place has so much potential but much Like Sergio Garcia is the best golfer to have never won a major, this place is the best bar that just doesnt quite get it. This place has the most women hanging out, which is a huge plus, the food and drink are also reasonably priced, plus it has cool music and outstanding atmosphere. You would think this is the winner but it is also to popular, I know, that sounds like I am being picky but its more of a scene then the other two places are, and it just doesn't feel like a place you can be a regular at. Its louder then the other two bars, mostly because its more popular, which again is a plus and a minus. It is also the farthest away. I can get there by riding the train that goes through my building and around down town and then on to Brickell though, so its not a deal breaker.
I need a regular bar and place to eat most of my dinners , as this cooking business is not cut out for me. I just can't figure if any of these are going to be the one, I dont want to be to picky but I do know what I like in a bar. Its a process though and I will hopefully eventually figure it out, plus who knows maybe there is a journeyman golfer hanging out in the back of the pack that will make its move on some future friday and storm the field and win the tournament. Life is full of surprises.


miamera said...

I was actually discussing the very same thing with a friend this weekend! If I may ask...which places would you suggest? (Or which three are you referring to?...I'd understand if you want to keep them all to yourself though.) We're in our 20's so unfortunately all the places I've been introduced to are where all the loud hipsters hang out. (No offense if anyone is a loud hipster...thats just not what we're looking for)

miamera said...

Oh, and do you have any NON-downtown places? (We're not in downtown, so the drive isn't an issue)

Bill From Gainesville said...

Miamera - LaLoggia is my leader, its right on Flagler. Prime Blue is really a super nice steak house but it has a nice enough bar or waiting place, and you can sit outside by the river. The sergio Garcia, is Tobacco Road. I really do love that bar the most but its not quite on point with what I am looking for as a regular hangout, its more of a go out on the town kind of place at least for me, hanging out on that back porch listening to music and tossing back a few brews...

Brian in Mpls said...

If you ever find yourself in Minneapolis Tailgate Bar and Grill is where it is at.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Brian, If I ever find myself in Minneapolis then tailgate bar and grill will be where its at based on your say so. In fact if for some weird reason I actually moved to Minneapolis I would make my house/ apartment hunting start begin at that bar and work out from there till I found the closest place to live by that tailgate hats how much faith I have that you know what you are talking about on this issue.

Quin Browne said...

good luck, bill... i am stunned the first bar is closed on the weekends... if they are making that kind of money, i'd find an excellent backup, and invest with them.

i don't go to bars.

1. they scare me.
2. i'm never sure men wash their hands, so, i stay away from bar peanuts
3. i like bar peanuts
4. going to bars alone is weird.
5. there is no 5.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Friday nights are my going to the bars type of nights anyways so its not a huge deal, but in football season I like a bar to go to and watch football sometimes on Saturdays. As far as you not going to bars we all have our fears, I personally dont like snakes much, in that way I am kind of like Indiana Jones ... and washing hands is way overated

The Charming Hedonist said...

Wait a tick, Bill! The perfect woman does exist! I'm proof. ;-)

Good luck finding your bar. If you ever find yourself this way, I can recommend a few.

Not Mike said...

Have you been to Mikes Irish place?
It's on the 9th floor of the venetia building near the Herald.
Not sure if that's near you, but worth a shot to try one night.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Hedo-- I always imagine the perfect woman as holding out for the perfect man -- thus the perfectness of it all messes up the fact of it being perfect?
Not Mike, --- I did go there once (The last regular season game of the basketball season for U of F, they lost to Kentucky) it was the afternoon on a Saturday and was kind of dead, but maybe I should give it a try on a friday night or something

Native Minnow said...

I have a bar, and I don't even drink. How messed up is that?

mkh said...

Hey, I never thanked you for the round you bought at LL the other night! Thanks, guy.

Bill From Gainesville said...

MKH-- You are most welcome. You are a funny dude. that was a good time, you should have come with us when we went over to the Blue Martini...