Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tree houses and Tree trunks

If you chose to build yourself a tree house and were happy with the design and construction of this tree house It seems to me that the last thing you would be doing is using an AX and SAW on the tree trunk itself. Even if it is just to make what you think of as pretty designs in the trunk of the tree for the overall aesthetic beauty. The tree may be used to holding up the house and the nails and construction therein, but maybe your little carvings, for what amounts to nonsense is just a little to much.
The Tree is busy holding up your pretty little treehouse, and although at this point the tree is only getting agravated at your carvings on its trunk, You are still messing with the support that ultimately holds your nice little treehouse.
More then likely the trunk will withstand the so called "Art" you are designing within the trunk, but maybe that causes some kind of tree borne infection that ends up with the tree no longer supporting the nice little treehouse you have going for yourself. They say people in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks, but people living in Tree houses also should not be fucking with the underlying tree for what amounts to aesthetics.

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Brian in Mpls said...

Cheers to function over form.