Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Small Dreams

Maybe tomorrow I will be able to get out of the toilet bowl, or maybe I will get sucked down the plumbing. Or maybe I will just continue to swirl. Best possible scenario is that I get out. Even if I do, I will have the look of a guy who just got out of a swirly toilet bowl, but at least I would be able to begin the process of cleaning up. We can dream.
I am a guy whose dreams are to be able to stand next to a toilet bowl all wet and nasty from just having been in it myself, and just feel grateful about being out. Its a small dream, but it is mine. That doesn't mean that after I bask in the gratitude of being out, that I wont go on to my very next dream of beginning the process of cleaning myself up from the ordeal while hoping that I dont get sucked back into it.
Man, if I would not have drawn that short straw......


your psycho ex-girlfriend said...


well, not really but it does involve a toilet bowl.

Bill From Gainesville said...

PSYCHO--- YOUR BACK! --MISSED YOU .. And yes I AM LIVING THE DREAM!! Excellent day today! Hope it was for you as well!