Friday, August 14, 2009

Leadership, the documentary

Okay, Quick post here, and just more of a note than anything else. I posted something a while back about leadership, in which it was really more of just an opportunity to put a picture that someone had sent to me via e-mail with these four women wearing what a commenter afterwards called a "clithugger" bathing suit. The gist of the post was that this is a good thing for hot women to wear and that I am for hot women wearing close to nothing at all.
Since then, I have noticed in my blog tracker that it is one of the most read posts, of all my posts and generally drives readers to my blog more so then anything else. I re-read it and decided that it doesn't suck, so I put it up as one of my favorites, and although I know that a lot of those hits come from people searching in their google for "tiny bathing suits" and then subsequently clicking on my link, I can also see that lots of those people come back. (okay, some of them do) I deem it a favorite of mine now, and as the actual title of my side bar is something like: "Bills Favorite posts so you can't really argue." I am putting a link to it over there in my side bar. -- The tracker I use monitors 21 thousand plus different blogs and mine is ranked 1586 as of today in terms of hits, which if my math is correct that is clearly indicating that out of those 21 thousand plus blogs, at least 19,400, give or take, never put up a picture of 4 hot women wearing clithugger bikinis.
And I would also like to point out to spell checker that I am indeed aware that "clithugger" is not spelled correctly to you, but that is only because it is a new word that Denis made up for me... Maybe next year it will be in websters..

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