Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bill contemplates Swirlys

Setbacks in life are supposed to teach you something. When you learn those lessons then you are set up to be able to solve the problem that led to the predicament. What if your setback is being put in a proverbial toiletbowl that just swirls you around?

I get that I am in a swirly toiletbowl, and as much as I am trying to climb out, I have been unable to do so, yet at the same time I haven't gotten sucked down the plumbing either? Just going around and around trying to get out and being unsuccessful, but at the same time wondering when the swirling is going to end and the ride into the sewer begins?
In Chess this would be a draw, only in chess once there is a draw then that is over also. Its more like purgatory, Not going down the plumbing but not being able to climb out either?

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