Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Plug for the book: Angela's Ashes

I have been reading " Angela's Ashes" by Frank McCourt and it is absolutely fascinating. This is Mr. McCourts telling of his childhood which was ridiculously, over the top poor. The things he dealt with as a kid are amazing. This book makes me put my life and minor little issues I have in perspective.

- Seriously, one of my issues is my car. I sometimes feel like my car is somehow not good enough for me to drive. It is old, tired, and has that issue with the duct tape and the front bumper, and so I contemplate getting a new one, but dont have anything saved up to buy what I want in cash, and am hesitant to add to my monthly financial nut. So I just drive my old tired duct taped car around in minor shame and think to myself that I should just bite the bullet and get something new. This is one of my big financial problems. - and seriously, even though I dont really want to have a car payment, somehow if I had to, I would be able to deal with that so its my choice ultimately that I drive what I drive, even if I do somehow think its beneath me.
McCourts problems were that he often went hungry, had only one set of clothes and his dad would blow money on pints of beer instead of bringing it home to his family. Oh yes , several of his younger siblings died from consumption as toddlers and babies. THOSE types of issues ... Issues like not having enough money to buy coal to heat the home in winter and using one bed for five people. Stuff like that. So yes, in comparison, the fact I have an older, high mileage convertible with duct tape holding my front bumper cover as a problem seems a little soft on my part. -


your psycho ex-girlfriend said...

i think the duct tape is HOT!!!

and i agree, life seems really unfair when focusing on ourselves but when we broaden our vision we see the reality that others face and life instantly seems blessed. i remind myself (when i am feeling especially pitiful) that my mom was able to make it with 10 kids so really 3...not so much of a hardship when you look at it that way.

NTF said...

I thought that book was masterfully written but it left me depressed for a month. Talk about having it hard, damn!!

Bill From Gainesville said...

Psycho -- Duct tape IS hot ---
NTF - True on the masterfully written part. The dude could flat out write. -- I am just sad that I only heard about him and his book when I was reading his obituary. He really did live a hell of a life from what is in that book to what he ended up with.