Sunday, August 23, 2009

Meat Loaf and the Secret

Just a weird thing. I was thinking about Meat loaf, the food, not the band. I had not eaten any for quite some time. My mom used to make it occasionally, but she died almost two years ago. My Ex-wife used to make it once in awhile, but we divorced over a year ago. I was thinking to myself that I wanted some meatloaf because it has been so long since I had any, and the people I know that made it for me are no longer in the cooking for Bill business.
I started thinking about what restaurants make it and realized that you rarely ever see it on the menu, anywhere. Seriously, this past week these thoughts were on my mind. Today I went to a bar I like to go to on Sundays. It is a Mans bar in the sense that it has Tons of T.V.s and hot bar tenders. Women are not excluded, but you never see single women in this bar. When they come, they are with their boyfriends. Anyways, although I had been there multiple times, this afternoon was the first time I noticed they had Meat Loaf, so I ordered it and it was exceptional. They have some kind of a food processor and mix onions into the loaf and then they put gravy on it. Simply outstanding Meat Loaf. My Mom and My ex wife never really did it that way. they always served it straight without the gravy and then you put some catsup on it. Not that this was better, although it probably was, just that it was different. but really it was like that book where you think about stuff and then it happens. I was seriously thinking about meatloaf this whole past week, missing it and having no clue about how you make it or where you could buy it, and then a place I have been to multiple times had it all along.


NTF said...

Meat loaf is one of those things I almost never eat, but, everytime I do I enjoy it so much I wonder why I am not eating it more often.

Bill From Gainesville said...

NTF-- If you are ever down in Tampa we will go to this bar and eat the hell out of the meatloaf. It comes with some badass mashed potatoes and excellent green beans in some kind of saucey concoction...CLosest thing to a home cooked meal I can find.