Thursday, August 6, 2009

Punching or Punched?

If you were a boxer and had yourself a pretty good run, winning all your fights and in the process not even getting hit all that often, and then you found yourself in a knock down drag out where your opponent was just wailing all over you, I think the previous success would both help and hurt. On the one hand, your self image of yourself as a kick ass boxer that mostly doesn't get hit that much would be beneficial in your confidence that you could still overcome your opponent who has recently been beating the shit out of you for a few rounds, but that same new experience might also make it seem like such a shock that you feel a little stunned at first.
Its hard going from the punchee to the punched, but after several rounds of getting your ass kicked and still coming out for the next round, eventually the being stunned part would turn into a numbness, and after awhile the punches you take somehow start seeming less forceful. Its the Rocky way of fighting by absorbing everything they throw at you and coming back for more.
I keep getting punched but it doesnt seem to hurt as much anymore.

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NTF said...

You are one clever dude.