Monday, March 31, 2008

My friend Mr. Women's College Basketball

You might know someone for twenty one years and only find out about their passion for womens college basketball over this past weekend.

Sure he tried to play it off, but his knowledge of the women’s game in general, and the LSU women in particular was absolutely delightful. Do you hear me? It was just so outstanding! I just never knew? Who really follows women’s College basketball besides the parents of the players, and those nutjobs in Knoxville? Maybe their girlfriends and boyfriends follow it? Also, My long time friend, apparently does as well. He is like Rainman with his Knowledge on Women’s College basketball. I half expected him to drop a box of matches and tell me how many were in their just by looking at the mess on the floor.

We were at a bar and the LSU women were playing the Oklahoma State women on ESPN in the background. We aren’t really watching it, we are mostly having a few adult beverages when he casually mentions Sylvia Fowles is the Women’s player of the year. I’m like wow? That’s cool. It was certainly some knowledge, but he is a huge LSU fan and we are talking about the player of the year. It’s something that maybe anyone in that position would know. But then Erica White took the ball coast to coast. Of course I didn’t know it was Erica White, at the time, but he made sure to tell me all about her. I don’t really know any women College Basketball players names at all. My friend did though. He was Yelling at the T.V. GO Erica, Go…He was giving me insight on her game “She doesn’t shoot much but she is quick and can really handle the ball and play defense.” It was like he was a part of the telecast announcing the game. That’s how cool it was and how much Knowledge he has.

That’s when I started messing with him about it. Not only did he know the whole roster, He knew their individual games and how they played. “This one is great at the free throw line.” “This one can really get out and run.” “This other one, once stubbed her toe in the 3rd grade while playing jacks in the backyard patio of her home in rural Mississippi.” “I think she stubbed it on a table but she trys to tell everyone it was on the railing of the side of the patio deck” That’s how much Minutia and overall background the man posesses, He is able to dispute an injury for a woman that happened 9 years ago. He studies it that much. Dude definitely knew some nuance about those women. Then he started telling me about the Coach. Evidently he is a living legend who was actually in the women’s College basketball Hall of fame. He told me about the LSU women being in the last 4 final fours, He was breaking down the prior
coaches legacy for me, and how she was run out of town for having a Lesbian Affair with an Ex-Player. I am thinking to myself I have found a Treasure trove of opportunity to mess with him about this stuff forever. I will have to study the Women’s game myself, just so I can have little Tidbits of information to drop in on him. I think I am going to start by buying him a WNBA cap. I so hope he wears it all proud and stuff. That would be so awesome. I am glad it brings him so much joy and happiness and I love how it makes me laugh just thinking about Him, and his uncanny deep knowledge of the sport.

I like imagining him waking up in the morning, checking out the paper to find out when the Lady Tigers play and then scheduling his whole day around that. I can just see him sitting in his lazy boy with a note book by the chair so he can chart out shot selection and some doritos and a little beer hat that has a tube running down from the cans that you stick on the side of the helmet. It just makes me laugh thinking about it Oh the joy you are bringing me my friend. See you in Gainesville in October, Nashville some other fall weekend.


Brian in Mpls said...

I don't know what it is but I can not watch womens baskeball.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Neither can I luckily neither you nor I live in Knoxville where I think its a requirement.