Tuesday, March 25, 2008

From The Miami Herald

As I am reading the Miami Herald today I see a quote attributed to me. Now I know I didn’t talk to that reporter and I would have no idea about what was being reported regarding School Board Employees getting the use of cars and $100,000.00 a year salaries. Turns out, there is another fellow that lives in Miami that also has my name. He is my Father, and he got quoted today in the Miami Herald. He was the expert that saw nothing wrong with the amount of free Cars and hookers and crack that goes on over at the School Board.
Ok, maybe he was unaware of the Hookers and Crack and stuff, and that wasn’t even reported by the Miami Herald, AND, I just made that part up, Completely, I get that. Still, it does seem like with Elliot Spitzer just recently…. Ok, whatever…
Its always cool to see your name in the paper, even if its technically not your name. He is the Jr. I am the Third. I am like him, but you know, completely different. Its like he is the God-Father and I am the God-Father part two. A great sequel, but nonetheless, a sequel. There is another movie, perhaps you heard of it, SCARFACE, In this movie, Tony Montana tells them: " I always tell the truth, even when I lie." for some reason I am reminded of that movie while writing this post, maybe because I lied so bad about the Hookers and crack, and then IMMEDIATELY told the truth? I am not sure that is what he meant, but now I am digressing. -
Also, and this is me talking, not him, Any organization that has less then 1 percent of the population making 100k a year is either a mom and pop thing, or a hugely flat organization. But at 400 employees making that kind of cake, and 50,0000 total employees, that’s only .008. If I am in the 99.992 percent NOT making the 100 k a year cabbage, I look up to that tiny group as a place for me to get to someday, and I strive. That’s just me. I would also like to have a credit card for the hookers and free cars and stuff. You think the School board is hiring? Also, I would like to thank a teacher for teaching me how to read through an article and pick out the bullshit in a critical manner, just like I am calling out the teachers who are calling bullshit on this stuff. Yes you deserve more money, and Yes you are probably underpaid, but that doesn't mean this 8/1000ths of a percent is taking your jack. It just means you guys are being petty... So here is to you Ms Trammel. You ROCK: http://www.miamiherald.com/top_stories/story/467696.html


Brian in Mpls said...

That is awesome. My teacher was Karin Martinson she taught me the art of reading for BS but really the art of thinking if it can be taught, She was probably the single greatest influnce on my life and hers was the only funeral I have cried at since my dad died when i was ten.

Aside from that I am a big fan of vouchers and privatization of schools just curious how you feel about that?

Bill From Gainesville said...

Brian--- I think vouchers and privatization is a way to infuse capitalism into the process of educating our children and capitalism is a very fine and fair system for rewarding the best... so yes, I am all over Privatization and vouchers as a way to improve the process