Thursday, March 20, 2008

332 miles and Burger King for lunch

Lots of middle class, college educated guys travel for their jobs. I travel for my personal life as well. Today is a travelling day. I am going to see my kids. To get there, I have to go North, but by the time I arrive, I will end up in the South. Miami might look like it's in the south to a casual observer, but it isn't the South, its just "Miami." Its a Major American City with Latin and European influences. Gainesville is located in Florida but is allot like Southern Georgia.

If Florida was a person, I live on the Left Ankle. My kids and their mother live where the heart would be, and in that analogy, my heart is also with them. I used to live in Gainesville and commute to the Miami, Ft Lauderdale, West Palm area for my job, so I am familiar with this haul . For half of 2007 I did it twice a week, every week. I know stuff about this drive normal people shouldn't. I live at exit 2. At exit 87, I will get off I-95, and hop on the turnpike. To Get from I-95 to the turnpike you have to drive about half a mile. Once you are on the Turnpike though, at that point, you are at Mile Marker 116. Its one of the greatest points on my journey because it feels like you just picked up 29 miles yet doing so by only driving for a half mile. WHOOOHOOOO...At Mile Marker 152 there is a rest stop that I usually stop at. Isn't that crazy? I have a favorite "rest stop" No one does that, but I would argue about my rest stop with anyone, It would be like a Nole fan and a Gator fan on Game day. "Dude, Drew Weatherford is so freaking average" Oh yeah? "well your favorite rest stop is inconvenient to get to, and they don't have people selling fruit out in front of yours! Oh yeah and another thing, reststopness has passed your station attendent by, they are just going senile and now all the assistant attendants are really running the show anyways?" See what I mean? But I think I may be the only person in the world that has a favorite rest stop. Sure I go to other rest stops, just like I watch other football besides the Gators, but that one is my favorite.
As you head on up the turnpike, you reach the end, or the beginning of that road, whichever your perspective on it is, at mile marker 305. This is another Magic feel good moment, because as you merge on to I-75 you are now on Mile Marker 329. Its 24 miles you pick up just like that! It's like Freaking TIME travel I tell you, normally you just shouldn't know this stuff, but its worse, I know which rest stops have the men's facility on the northbound side and which are on the southbound side.
Mile Marker 387 is my exit in Gainesville. 332 miles will be driven. I have a new book on tape this time so that's a plus. My back is ok right now, later this evening though it will have that twinge from sitting in that car all day. It looks kind of nice out so I think the top will be coming down. I get to play a little Softball tonight with my boys so its pretty clear to me that I will be LIVING....Next time I post I will be in the South again, signed, your time travelling friend, Bill From Gainesville.
Post script: a couple of things: 1) I love Bobby Bowden and while it is true his assistants are the ones cleaning all the facilities lately, the man is a legend and I respect him allot. I don't wish him any ill will. 2) Also, I realize its not magic time travel on a conscious level, but I don't care I think of it like that anyways....


Native Minnow said...

Get out and walk around a lot or you'll end up with car butt.

Paul said...

When I drive through Wisconsin I always stop at Bong Recreation Park, or whatever. A state park called Bong. I shit you not.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

last comment was me. oops.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Minnow, much like ALS is now primarily called Lou Gehrigs disease, Car butt is sometimes referred to as Bill Butt, I am the poster child for that shit. My lower back sinks down like it wants to merge with my derrier and there is a big traffic jam down there after this drive
Paul, Bong is an AWESOME name for a reststop but do they sell Fruit
Noisewater, I am going to pretend like you didn't tell me you and Paul are one and the same and act like I have a third reader of my blog. In fact I am going to even celebrate the welcoming of Paul... Let me have my fantasy

The Charming Hedonist said...

I completely understand about having a favorite rest stop. I've made the Jax to Atlanta drive more than a few times and my fav is located in Macon.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Charming --- of all the citys that rhyme with Bacon, Macon is my favorite ...