Friday, March 14, 2008

A Replacement Post

Worry, its something I am good at. I just deleted a post I wrote last night and had up on this page for a little bit. I deleted it because it was my viewpoint on an issue that helped destroy my marriage and it is unflattering towards my ex-wife. Putting that post up is contradictory to one of my goals for the future. Which is to be the best Ex-Husband out there, I want to win the nobel prize for ex- Husbandness. I want the M.V.E.H., award (most valuable ex husband) I want Angelina Jolie and BillyBob Thornton to look at me as an example of ex-spouse-iness..(a made up word- quick call websters) It felt good writing it when I did, but it is also hanging on to anger, and resentment I have, and if my wife were to have found this blog and read it, it would upset her and create more tension between us. Trust me, we have enough tension, including tension regarding the issue I blogged about, and just deleted, but putting it out there on a blog, even one as under-read as this one, would only add to the whole thing. When weighing my goal of being the superman of ex-husbands, vs this one particular blog post, I went with being the Mahatma Ghandi of ex- Husbands (a righteous world leader) and took it down. Even though My ex-wife doesn't know about this blog, I have to write as if she will one day find out about it.
Now for all of you people that didn't see it when it was up, It was some absolute outstanding writing. I think it may end up winning me a second nobel prize, this one for literature to go along with my Nobel for ex husbandness.... Random super models that did read it before I took it down, come up to me and want to give me blowjobs just to make me happy, they thought it was such an outstanding piece of writing. My goodness it was moving, funny, it made you cry it was capable of changing the rotation of the earth thats how damn good it was. Anyways, I think my next post is just going to be a picture of that Kendra Rice chick, - the one with the ribs sticking out.

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