Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future. ---- John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
Over the past year I have seen this law he speaks of, up close and personal. At this time last year I still hadn't envisioned not living in Gainesville, but as I post this I am doing it from Downtown Miami. That's just one of the things that have changed recently. This post though, is about another possible change, much less significant but a change to deal with anyways.
Don't know if JFK foresaw this, but when I look into my future, some of that vision includes me tailgating on a beautiful hot ass Autumn day out by the Bell Tower with my friends: Mark Cuban Jr,---- he and his wife with the Fluffy ass Attack towels, as well as Wayne Huizenga Jr. -- He of the beleaguered one win sporting franchise that may not say Dolphins on the chest, but does have the name of his electric company, screen printed in green. There will be guys with vacuum cleaner names, others that rhyme with Row. Sometimes guys that could care less, whose last names make up a favorite beverage of mine will make the trip.
My future will include me travelling to exotic cities, like Baton Rouge with a little hangover stop by, in New Orleans. It will see me in Knoxville again, and Columbia for my virgin time. It will see me in Jacksonville Florida as 1 / 85,000th of a cocktail party. It will hopefully hear me singing "its Great to be a Florida Gator" as I twist down the exit ramps of Doak Campbell stadium. Its a very hard thing to do, go into Doak and walk out all happy and singing and stuff, I have done it a few times already. I appreciate how very special that is and would never take it for granted.
I know that in life, you have to give yourself a chance, you have to ask the pretty girl and face the possibility of rejection. The loneliness of not asking, is not worth the face saving maneuver of not dancing at all. You can't sit on the beach all day drinking rum and cokes,... unless you get down there in the morning. Florida Football took me in as a kid. My third grade teacher was Alan Trammels wife. Alan Trammel played D.B. in the early 70's. The first game I ever went to was the Tie in the 0-10-1 season against Ga Tech. She has always been a constant for me in the fall, She has never ever turned her back on me. When I asked her, she was unequivocal in her reply of YES. I have owned season Tickets since 96, This year I will not, and that is the change.


I hope to keep them in the family though and will see how that turns out. there are circumstances here that may end up shutting us out, but that doesn't mean we wont still be in those stands. Gator football asks that when I visit her in person that I have a ticket. but she doesn't care if they are season passes or of the scalped variety.


Brian in Mpls said...

"You can't sit on the beach all day drinking rum and cokes,... unless you get down there in the morning"

You are fantastic:) If I ever make it down South you got a wingman for sure.

Anonymous said...

FYI: The field was renamed "Bobby Bowden Field" in 2006 during which game the gators owned the 'noles!

Bill From Gainesville said...

Brian- I would love that! I will call you Goose, and everything..Seriously, Get in Touch if you ever get to Miami.
Anon- The field is Bobby Bowden field, the Stadium is still Doak Campbell though, and it was 2004, not 2006. The initial game with the field being named as such was the Zookers Last Victory ---he was carried off that field--- I was there in both 04 and 06, SINGING MY ASS OFF walking down those switchbacks with the full knowledge that any time in the previous 20 some years of trips to Tally it ended poorly for the Gator Nation...(94 we kissed our sister and I am an only child so that hurt)

90hazelnut said...

Hi brian in gainesville.
I like your blog.
I quoted you in my blog, found via brian in minneapolis who I read, and now I think I'll start reading you.
But I am still trying to figure you out. (?!)
I slapped your copyright on my post after my copyright (since I also had new content) in case you care.
Best, 90hazelnut

90hazelnut said...

Oh yeah, I slapped on your copyright too, Brian. ;-)

Bill From Gainesville said...

90hazelnut, --- that is flattering, Thank you very much! I am still trying to figure me out as well... the constant chatter between my ears takes me all different ways...

PhoenixHearse said...

You make an excellent point. Why is it that we not only see, but experience, little and BIG changes every day, but we never realize that changes are coming (at least I don't).

If someone had told me 4 years ago I'd be divorced at 27, I'd call them a big far liar and throw my rum in their face (or maybe vodka, don't wanna waste the rum). But now I am, and my life is so completely different.

So why can't I believe that huge things will happen in the future? Hmm...I guess it's just a lack of hope on a cloudy day.

Bill From Gainesville said...

I always think of Princess Diana, do you think she ever thought she would run into a tunnel support while being chased by Papparazi? and now, her sons are Men and she never got to see it...

Bill From Gainesville said...

Phoenix -I SO love gaining wisdom as I grow older, I hate the part about being older though. I feel like I am 25, but I know I am really 42 .... My solace is that I have lived a life worth living so far,.... and Brad Pitt could still have twenty something women, as well as McDreamy from Greys Anatomy, and BOTH of them are 42 as well.... I am them, and they are me, .. not that I am even looking for a twenty something woman, I am looking for the 35 to 44 year old... I compare her, to Diane Lane.... who is married to Josh Brolin ... who is also in his early 40s...See, My point is ... I have no fucking Idea, I just blabber in a Typing type of way, but in real life also...