Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Schindlers list post

Wow. I just got an E-mail from my X-Wife. Turns out I didn't have to take that post down after all. She already was aware of my blog, How? I have no idea .
Turns out my goal of being a good ex-husband is not really sustainable. I will have to get down in the mud with her after all and we will be the typical hate each other exes, that I didn't want to become, but in order to protect myself from her, I will no longer be able to be nice. Its really a shame because for so many years it was pretty good.
I was listening to a book on CD the other day in which the author says that his wife told him that he liked the movie "Schindler's list." - She wasn't saying he would like the movie. She was saying He did like the movie.--- He was adamant that no, he did NOT like the movie "Schindler's list." He felt that he had the right to determine what he did, or did not like and that if it was all the same to her, He was of the position that he DID NOT like the movie. They decided to see who was correct and rented it and watched it together. He said it turns out that they were both right.
The movie came out in 1993, and for 15 years, whenever it came up, his opinion was that he did not like the movie. He now realizes he was wrong. He liked the movie allot. what he didn't like was the ending. The movie has two endings, after it is over, there is a scene in color, of some of the real life survivors at the grave site of Mr. Schindler. That was the part that he didn't like. He thought that was cheesy and it just didn't work for him.
Which is how My Marriage is, Just like this guys view of the movie Schindler's list. I liked being married. I just didn't like the ending. The last three years, my wife went absolutely crazy, She gutted us financially and then to top it off she blames me. (its her defense mechanism) Her basic argument is that I made her do it because I was somehow not good enough of a person to give her advice on the business. I sold my truck, I paid her business bills out of our pockets until I went completely through our IRA. I was constantly having to deal with her issues because she was incapable of being a grown up on her own. She just kept on digging bigger holes for us though. All along I told her exactly what I thought of her business. I just never told her anything that she wanted to hear, so she blames me. So although I think the way it ended is horrible and is my primary focus, I will try to remember the good parts. Its really kind of weird. I loved being married to her, I hated it. Which is it? truthfully I liked it a lot, the ending is kind of cheesy though...


Brian in Mpls said...

My ex-wife did the same thing. I ended up having to file bk it was a mess....

Bill From Gainesville said...

Brian, ME too. My wife chose bankruptcy for us also ---we have some money,- MY 401k, but she thinks she is going to get half of it, so instead of being responsible for her actions she just thinks going bankrupt is the way to go.