Thursday, March 12, 2009


Went to the first round of the SEC BASKETBALL tournament tonight.
Just some observations.
1) Arkansas had a tough year-- they were 2 and 14 -- Their fans certainly ran their mouths more like they were 14 and 2
2) Kentucky is like a HUGE ball rolling down a hill, It doesn't matter that they were mediocre this past season- their fans still came out like it was the mid 1990's --- More Kentucky fans than any other including maybe even the Gators and it is only 2 hours from Gainesville.
3) Ole Miss has beautiful cheerleaders --- I think it may be a rule that if you live in Oxford Mississippi and you are a woman it is required that you are also hot.
4) Their is a Bar across the street from the Forum that is only open when stuff is going on at the Forum?
5) I saw David Warner with his shirt off running stadium steps about 3 years ago He could be an Underwear model. He probably may also be able to play in Europe based on how he played tonight.
6) Billy Donovan is My age but he is a little bit more successful then me in pretty much every area of life, Financial, Physically, career wise and he is still married
7) Tampa is a GREAT place to host this type of shit.
8) I think the Gators victory tonight will be enough, even if they lose to Auburn tomorrow night to get in the NCAA tournament.
9) Why can't I ever buy a stadium hot dog and not end up with some of the condiments on my shirt?
10) LIVING !!!

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PhoenixHearse said...

I always like the big soft pretzel dipped in cheese better than the hot dog. Of course, I usually wear sandals and end up with the pretzel salt between my toes.