Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Brand Loyalty

A couple of hard days at work for the Billster. Now I need to buy some more Golf Balls.

I purposely buy Nike golf balls. Not because I think they are better then any other brand or the way they are made will help me hit them further, or roll them truer, but because It makes me feel all TIGER LIKE -- You know, Him and I, we hang with the same brand of Golf Balls.
So Yes Nike, Your endorsement deal with Mr. Woods has brought you brand Loyalty from this one customer. I probably buy $50 worth of Nike Golf Balls a year because I associate your brand with Tiger and I find it amazing to watch that dude Golf.


NTF said...

Tiger amazing golfer; Bill kind of a sucker.

Denis A. Baldwin said...

Makes sense to me. There's definitely items that I buy because of either the spokes person or something about the company I like.

Bill From Gainesville said...

NTF -- Agree, but on the bright side we use the same brand of Golf Balls
Denis. what kills me are hack ass golfers like myself that use a specific brand of Golf Ball because they think those golf balls help their game. Maybe the nuance of the design or specification of a golf ball helps Tiger I wouldnt argue that but for us hacks it makes ZERO difference so if I was a true consumer I would by publix brand golf balls or something like that. but I just get a kick out of using the brand Tiger endorses