Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fun pass Horror

Looking all over for my Busch Garden Fun passes and really stressing about not being able to find them. Do you think Busch gardens has us in a database? I cannot be the first person to purchase 3 yearly fun passes, and then stupidly misplace them? If we show our identification cards wont they be able to pull us up in there computers and verify we paid for them and re-issue? or is there some fine print that says if you dont have them then you are a shitty ass Father? I would read the fine print right now if only I could find the things...


Compulsively Yours...for now said...

i lose everything.

maybe they are at my house in the couch cushions, or hiding in the laundry. that is where i found my home phone. in the piles upon piles of laundry. it had been gone for quite some time. maybe if you were to come and do my laundry you would be able to think more clearly and remember where you put them and bonus for me, i would have something to wear and maybe find my lost child.

if you dont want to travel clear across the country and do my laundry then maybe you could just ask your kids. mine know everything there is to know. serious. or maybe it is just that they think they know it all. yeah, i think thats it.

good luck!

quin browne said...

did you find them??

Bill From Gainesville said...

CYFN --- doubt they are in your couch cushions but I did check mine, and the laundry and my son was all like dude that is so uncool
so he wasnt much help and My daughter was like: Daddy I want to go to Busch Gardens
QB -- Did not find them but did find out for a replacement fee of 5 bucks you can fix this problem and all is well. MONTU rules as a rollercoaster ..