Friday, December 12, 2008

Getting Lost in Tampa

Tampa is a driving town and I think that its sort of like the Bermuda Triangle in that "get lost" kind of way. I found myself going South according to my compass, but I would swear I was actually going North, and my compass would show West when I thought I was going East.
I would believe the compass, but at the same time, it gave me a sense of discombobulation.
Plus they name the streets over here, instead of numbering them. Sure Miami has some named roads and stuff, but generally they number most of them in South Florida. Named streets aren't helpful in finding your way when your lost in a strange city and the crazy magnetic field they have that messes up the East vs North vs South thing is also no help.
I have some leads on an apartment. I am closer then when I woke up this morning but will probably have to get lost some more tomorrow ....


Michele-a-licious said...

Dude, I know Tampa like the back of my hand.....What the hell is that???

Will you still be working out of your house? If so I recommend "New Tampa" aka old Pasco or South West Tampa near the Citrus Park Town Center Mall.

Good luck!

Quin Browne said...

sat nav is your friend.

joel said...

i lived in tampa 98-05. where in miami did you live? tampa probably has a similar neighborhood... plus, the navigation is thrown off by the body of water theory. in miami, if im headed towards the nearest, largest body of water, im headed east. if im in tampa, im headed west. i always have to pause and think before i give directions...