Tuesday, December 2, 2008

a chance encounter with an old friend

Today, while out in the world trying to earn some bucks, I had some time to kill between two of my appointments. I was in the heart of Broward County somewhere and decided to just walk around a nearby mall, look at stuff, Be American, be a consumer, Christmas is coming soon.
As I was minding my own business, almost ready to leave, I saw someone that I hadn't seen since the early to mid 90's. This was someone I had known pretty well back then. She was at my wedding, I was at hers. She had married one of my best friends, who for the purposes of this blog I will call NTF. They got divorced around 1994 or so, maybe 1995, its all a blur, but back in the day, she was one of my people. We hung together. She was a friend of mine.
When they got divorced, and she moved away to Virginia, we lost track, and then today, while I was killing time in a mall somewhere up north in Broward County, I saw her. It had been a long time, so I wasn't a hundred percent sure it was her, so I followed her like a common stalker. She was walking fast, and I almost gave up without being sure it was even her, but I didn't, and it was.
She still lives up North, and was just down for a little vacation and just happened to be in that mall at the same time I was. A mall that she, nor I never go to, ever, except for today. It was good to talk to her. It made me think about the old days. She is still as beautiful and outgoing as she ever was, and seems to be doing well for herself.
I find this chance encounter quite remarkable, so I am remarking on it in my blog tonight.


scg said...

So, did you get her phone number?

Nashville Tiger Fan said...

Life does have its little curves don't it? Glad to know she is doing well.

Bill From Gainesville said...

SCG -- of course I got her phone number and e-mail address. like I said she is / was / is ..... well hell i dont really know if she is my friend now but she damn sure was my friend then --- so I called her today and we talked for 15 minutes or so and talked about what has happened in our lives the past 15 or so years. condensed version.
NTF -- She is doing well and yes life does have its curves, it is still quite remarkable that I could just run into someone like that out of the total and complete blue. We talked today on the phone as well ..... some of it about you of course ... and we talked about lots of people we know and I told her what I knew happened to the ones I knew about etc..... It was good.

Anonymous said...

I'm just LOVING being called "outgoing & beautiful"--and I would HOPE I could still be "one of your people"...but enough about me!
Blog is very well written, btw,consider me a fan! Am still puzzling that I didn't catch on to the stalkering after a career in forensics.
& can't resist a howdy to NTF. Ironic that I ended up more rural than HE did!