Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rays Win, Bill W feels like Bill W

Rays win again. This is the second game I have been to this season the one that was their opener, and tonight. They are 15 and 5 now, the best record in Baseball.
I love living in Tampa. Rays games, Buffett Concerts, Other concerts, Bucs Football, Restaurants and bars, Beaches, Hockey, Gasparilla, Storm Football, Busch Gardens and water parks. Gainesville is only 2 hours away to see my kids, or watch Gator Football.
Truly love living here and tonight was just a great example of why. Seriously, I don't even like Baseball that much but I am coming around to it.... Go Rays. ----- I was telling my friends the other night that I felt like me when we play softball. --- I also felt like me tonight. ---- I feel like me alot in this city.

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