Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Fired up about this new draft format being in Prime Time instead of Saturday and Sunday afternoon Like all of the previous NFL Drafts in the History of NFL Drafts. I will be waiting by my phone for one of the 32 NFL teams to pick me once again, like I do every year at draft time. Even Promised my Boss today that when I do get picked I was going to do the correct thing in giving a full 3 weeks notice.
In a way I am like Linus, except my "Great Pumpkin" is getting drafted into the NFL. Linus always ends up sitting in a pumpkin patch with his Blankie on Halloween, and I end up watching way to much "Draft Coverage" on beautiful Saturday afternoons in April. Except NOT THIS YEAR! This Year It is going to be different, because this year the Great Pumpkin WILL SHOW UP ...Or at the very least, I probably wont waste my Saturday watching the late rounds of the draft because I will get my fill of it on Thursday and Friday night. Thursday Night is already a night that I usually watch T.V. anyway, so it will fit into my schedule perfectly. I will go to a Sports bar Friday Night I am sure, and it will be on in the background. Saturday is all about Jimmy Buffett for me, but I will have my cell phone in case they don't call till then.
Just a beautiful alignment of Football draft coverage, Blankies, Sports bars, The Great Pumpkin and Buffett.


Native Minnow said...

I never watch the draft. I only check back in to see who my favorite team drafted. Usually I have no idea who anybody is anyway. I don't watch enough college ball.

Bill From Gainesville said...

With me its like I am a crack head. I know I can just check back in later but I cant help myself I just have to watch that shit...I know its bad for me. Actually hate myself for doing it, but then try to do something else and feel like I am being bad because its a beautiful Saturday and All BUT NOT THIS YEAR!!! YEAH!! This year its on a Thursday Night, NO GUILTY FEELINGS

NTF said...

Nothing to feel guilty about. The draft is the one time of year that we get a marriage of those two things we love so, college and pro football. I love it. And kudos NFL for the primetime showing.

Bill From Gainesville said...

NTF -- It always makes me feel guilty, Its really not great for T.V. but I am fascinated by it none the less -- Sure people out in California cant stand it starting at 430 p.m though but since I am on the EAST Coast I am with you Kudos to the LEAGUE