Monday, April 19, 2010

Jimmy Buffett on Saturday

Saturday is the Buffett concert -- Love me some Buffett. I once got in an argument with Jimmy, which is kind of a cool thing to do in a sad kind of way, because really, who wants to be arguing with Jimmy Buffett about anything? I didn't want to argue with him, but I also couldn't justify him getting what he wanted at that particular time either.
It was the Late 80's and I was working as a Rental Car Manager. Buffett wanted to rent a BMW Convertible from the Miami location and drop it off in Key West. He didn't want to pay the drop charge so I told him no. I honestly can't remember if he ended up paying the drop charge, or if we gave him another car that he could drop. (The specialty cars were owned by the Miami Franchise and if they were not returned to our location we had to incur the expense to get them back to Miami)

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