Thursday, June 5, 2008


As a thing that probably only interests me, but also anyone else who lives in this building. We received an envelope the other day. Within the envelope were a bunch of rules. One of the rules is that it is not ok for women to sunbathe on the roof with their tops off. I dont know if this has always been a rule or if they just made it up, but I think its a horrible thing.
This is a sad day indeed. I just hope that the women that used to lay in the sun with their tops off are rebels. Don't let the MAN keep you guys down. I think we can get the ACLU to help defend against this. I encourage you to take your tops off as a matter of principle. Who are they to make up these rules. (ok they are the board of the condo association) Why would they want to do this? (they want to keep property values up) however, I think having topless women sunbathe on the roof WOULD help rather then hurt.
Look, when I started living here, I didnt fully realize the added benefit of having a street vending hotdog stand just outside, nor did I know that women would be taking their tops off on top of the roof. These are some tiny little extra joys about living here. Rage against it ladies.
Rick, again, I seriously appreciate the link, you are the bomb.


ldygator said...

Why don't you be the first to rebel and sunbathe topless on your roof? :)

And the only reason there is a rule about this now is A) Either the board is made up of 80 yr. old women who are jealous or B) the board is made up of men who are married to 80 yr. old women who are jealous and tired of listening to them nag about it.

I am a female and I have been around places where other women have sunbathed topless. I've chosen not to do it in the past (not saying I never would...just never felt the urge), but it certainly doesn't offend me. Who the heck cares?

People that have a problem with it obviously have problems with themselves.

Bill From Gainesville said...

LDYGATOR-- I do hang out in the sun with my top off, there is no rule against that though because I keep my penis in my shorts.
and as far as the rest of your comment, I could not agree any more. you are dead spot on in that analysis

"said" Woman said...

If a man can sunbathe topless so can a woman. Unless the guy has bigger boobs- because that's just all sorts of wrong.

Todd said...

Man, I'm a huge fan of boobs...

Bill From Gainesville said...

Todd -- me to, I am a huge fan of women in general

Quin Browne said...

i think of it this way....

they can't say, "you can sunbathe topless unless your bra measures with a 'long' behind the number instead of a letter"

so, they have to just say, "no one can do this"

it's the way things are.