Monday, June 16, 2008

14 and counting

So here he is, the man is thirty years old or somewhere around that age and he just won his 14th Major, I say he gets to 19 before he is 33 which is scary. Jack won his 18th and last Major at 46 years old.
Think how lucky you are to be alive and watching him do what he does. Seven Billion people on earth and he is the best golfer, period. How awesome and how special is it to be the best at anything, much less something as cool as golf.
I was on the road so I had to listen to the updates on the radio which in a way kind of bums me out. One of the topics was how they settle the 72 hole ties with another full 18 holes on Monday, whereas all the others have either a sudden death on the same day or a 4 hole playoff in the case of the PGA. I invested about five hours on Sunday watching Golf and although the ending was exciting with that twelve foot put he had to make to force the playoff, I feel kind of ripped off that I couldnt afford to watch it today because I had stuff scheduled already. Note to Future Bill, Block out the monday after Fathers day next year and make it an office day, you know, just in case.


Brian in Mpls said...

It was incredible to watch.

Quin Browne said...

tiger is so happy with what he does, so lean and easy, that he makes it look like anyone can be good at golf.

sadly, it's not true.

Todd said...

We were following it online from work. Even reading the play-by-play gave me goosebumps.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Brian, Many days I have enough autonomy that I can schedule myself in front of a T.V. this day however was not one of them. that day was a be inside my car looking out of the windshield type of day. thank goodness for the radio updates.
Quin - The only reason I am not a professional golfer kicking his ass each tournament is because I like this insurance adjusting gig I have , that and I am a 25 handicap
Todd - next year I will plan better and count on the unexpected and will have me a little office day on the monday after Fathersday just in case.