Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The Hyde Park Village area is my new home, and I am finding it's awesomeness more and more, every day. Last weekend they had the Children's Gasparilla Parade just down the block on Bayshore. My kids were in town, so we went down the street to check it out, even though my daughter protested because she said her feet were tired from all the walking we had done earlier that day at the NFL Experience.
Once we were at the parade and the people in the floats started throwing Cheap Beads into the crowd, it was all over. My daughter forgot all about her tired little feet, and the enthusiasm for those plastic beads was off the hook, tired feet be damned. As we were walking back, after it was over, my son said he liked the "Beadarilla" parade allot. He honestly thought that was the name of it. I had told him it was Gasparilla on the way down to the thing, and evidently in his little mind, and after the reinforcement of the flying beads, it just morphed into that.
Tonight they had a concert in the Village Area. They closed off the streets, and let it fly. Jesse Palmer was there in some capacity, and he walked right by me, escorted by Four police officers on horses and a few that were walking. The place was all lit up and they had a beer stand, so that was good. A little Wednesday Night drinking seemed to be in order, but just a few, because now I have to get up in the mornings. It was all very cool in my book. I think I am going to love living
This weekend its the Superbowl, and then next weekend after that its the Grown up Gasparilla Parade. On any other normal night there are still tons of restaurants and bars and stuff in the area so all in all it seems like a pretty awesome place to live, and yes I know that Raymond James Stadium isnt actually in Hyde Park, but goodness, its only an 11 dollar cab ride away.


Denis A. Baldwin said...

My wife had the same reaction to the beads. She went from "this is lame, lets go" to "BABY! GET ME MORE BEEEAADDDS!!!"

Bill From Gainesville said...

It reminded me of fishing, throwing your line in was the equivalent of standing there with your arm up. trying to make Eye contact with the throwers was kind of like knowing where to cast the lure and then catching the beads was.... well it was like catching a fish. In the end you cant eat the beads but during the process I have to admit I enjoyed it!

Compulsively Yours...for now said...

I would of so went ga ga over those beads. I love shiny stuff.

Bill From Gainesville said...

CYFN -- They were shiny and plasticy!! AND there was also Candy It was awesome!