Monday, January 19, 2009

As I get older I have something to look forward to

If you keep on living, you will get older and one day you will open up a Playboy magazine and the naked woman on the pages will actually be younger than you are. Its okay because you are still around the same age and you just figure you have a shot.... When you are 11 years old and hiding under the covers sneaking a peak, you know you are just a kid. but when you are 22 and they are 21 or whatever, you are in the sweet spot. Soon enough though, you are old enough to be their father. That's a bummer, its like being 11 years old all over again, you just don't have a shot.
It happens with Football coaches also. One morning you wake up and John Gruden was fired and his replacement is a 32 year old man and you think to yourself, how come I wasn't the head coach of a National Football league team when I was 32?

Eventually this growing older thing will work out for you though. Know how I know? Because I see crappy movies all the time, but as my kids get older I know that someday soon we can go and see a movie that doesn't totally suck. It still might be a few years away though as this past weekend's debacle of a movie will attest: We saw "hotel for dogs"

Here is what was good about that movie. The theatre we went to has the butter machine out in the open, where you are able to access it, and put as much butter on the popcorn as you want. That's it, and that would have been true even if we had gone to a "good" movie.


Native Minnow said...

But it never hurts to keep looking. At the Playboy that is.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Not it does not hurt at all

Bill From Gainesville said...

NO -- NO it does not hurt at all

King of New York Hacks said...

The Articles !!! We get it for the Articles!!! C'mon , lets stick with the program !! LOL

Bill From Gainesville said...

Yes, the articles are excellent that and the beautiful naked women--- definitely love me some naked women