Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tobacco Road

The oldest bar in Dade County. It has been at this location selling alcohol for over 100 years.
They also have some nice burgers. I am particularly fond of the Death Burger. It comes with Jalapenos on top and spicy cheese.
I was sitting in my convertible, stuck at the draw bridge at this exact location, so I took this picture, and then I just figured I would put it up on my blog. No particular reason, Just cause.
Also, I love that I can get on that train thing that runs through my building and get off at the 8th street station and walk about 100 yards or so and I am here. Drink as much as you want Bill you don't have to drive home.


ldygator said...

What a kick ass place! It sounds like fun...and open till 5AM!?!? Sounds dangerous. Good thing you can just stumble onto the train when you're done!

Bill From Gainesville said...

The train only runs till midnight, but still I have been there after the train stopped running and can walk as well. It is only about 1 mile from my home.

Nashville Tiger Fan said...

Damn fine drinking establishment. You even get the occasional big time blues player showing up to entertain.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Nashville ---It is,... wait for it.... LEGEND....ARY

PhoenixHearse said...

"Drink as much as you want Bill you don't have to drive home."

I like to call this my "kitchen".

Bill From Gainesville said...

Phoenix -- or living room, but still sometimes its fun to be out with the people!