Friday, July 18, 2008

A brief and boring summary of a pathetic softball game

This is a quick post about a coed softball game in Miami Beach, Florida that probably will interest no one in the world, but its like this, its My blog and I can write about boring shit if I want to.
First of all, Bill still got to bat third even after last weeks o-fer . We lead off a girl, she makes an out, the number two hitter has a single with an error to get on second. I had a single also, but the outfielder made a mistake and tried to throw the runner out at home and I advanced to second on the play. We had our first lead of the season, one to nothing.
the next guy knocked me in and we were up two to nothing. We held that lead through their half of the inning, went one two three in the second, held them again in the bottom, and lo and behold we still had a two nothing lead after two full innings.
Then we played horrible the rest of the night and got beat 14 to 2, run ruled even. Kind of pathetic.
Then some of us had beers and told some lies and stuff, and there you go. A Friday night kind of well lived except for the losing really bad part.
Two for Two tonight as well I think that makes me 2 for 5 on the season after last weeks o-fer


Nashville Tiger Fan said...

Glad to hear you found your stroke even if the team is struggling.

Bill From Gainesville said...

It may not be back but its coming and its on its way.