Sunday, February 1, 2009

superbowl party

I could write alot about the superbowl party that I went to today, but I am not gonna.

I have my reasons and although there would be some awesome shit to tell, the bottom line is that I often self censor --- usually I dont talk about when I self censor, so its just me not saying anything.

Tonight I am teasing a little. Not my normal way. Just a really good time. It was awesome. Honestly I wish that the Monday following a Superbowl was a National Holiday. Plus I wish even if it wasnt, to bad I dont have any days off yet because I just started this new job and cant take any Personal Time .


Compulsively Yours...for now said...

why has no one commented on this post, it is so lonely looking. I feel the need to give it a complimentary howdy do.

I think you should take the censor off and let us all know exactly what Mr. Bill was doing that was not for the publics and your adoring fans prying eyes to read about?

Does it involve you in a thong dancing around a pole and shaking your cigar for the ladies?

come on tell me I can keep a secret....

Bill From Gainesville said...

CYFN -- thanks for commenting --again, I love that about you .