Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A brief summary of the past week

Last Thursday the 19th, I went to see a hockey game again, this time It was with some people from work and there were steaks before hand, and then a suite to watch the game from. The suite had shrimp and those celery things and unlimited beer. (technically there was a limit, we just never reached it) It was like we were the ANTI - MARINES in that we left some behind.
The time before that was right on the glass, there was also unlimited beer then as well. I like both of those experiences because when you are on the glass and a guy gets slammed up on it right their, by your seat... Well, thats just big time sports right there, but of course the Box thing is also quite awesome what with the celery things, and the shrimp and your own private -bathroom.
Then afterwards I went to a "club" that was advertising an Amateur pole night, This wasnt a regular wiggler bar, but just a regular dancing type of club bar for the young people, that just happened to be having a theme night to try out amateur pole dancers. ---Kind of like a PG-13 version of a nudey bar. Except, I guess it didnt start till much later in the Morning cause we didn't see any breasts, and in fact the pole was just sitting there on the stage all empty and void of women dancing around it. I don't think the pole was out of business, I just think they cut back on the hours, another victim of the recessionary times we all live in.
We decided we weren't going to be out till 3 am in the morning to await the amateur pole dancing as there was work to be done on the Friday, and as the guy I was with had seen breasts before, and so have I, we decided to call it a night. Except, then we saw another normal bar. The type you go into and you sit down at and have a beer. The type of bar that is meant for chilling, as opposed to that first club where its like a job just to be in the place, what with all the people gyrating around and probably on the "x" and all.
After one beer at the chill bar, the responsibleness came rushing through, it was almost one in the morning and there was the work to be done on Friday and all, so I left. Friday came and saw the job stuff, and then after work I made the haul to Gainesville to pick up my kids. We got back to my apartment around 10 p.m. on Friday and watched a movie and then went to sleep so that we could do the Busch Gardens thing on Saturday.
My son still wont ride a rollercoaster. I tried asking nice, I also tried bribing him, " Son if you ride this rollercoaster I will buy you any DS Game you want!" I also broke out the slight shaming: -- "Dude, look at that little girl taking a turn. If she can do it YOU certainly can do it" all to no avail. There were other rides he would go on and My daughter and I took turns riding the coasters so it worked out pretty well in the end anyways.
Sunday came and I got the boy a haircut. My daughter says that their mom will never do it because she doesn't care how long his hair gets, and figures I will fork out the 15 bucks, which is fine. I don't really care, its just that he does. He specifically knows his mom wont do that for him and , he can only get it cut when he sees me, so he actually asks, like its his last chance to live a normal and happy life. Its just so Snoopy like. No one feeds Snoopy except Charlie Brown and no one will have my sons hair cut for him except me. I am like Charlie Brown and he is like Snoopy.
We then went and saw a movie. It was about how this one wide receiver dominated college football, got drafted into the pro's and then didnt do anything for quite a few years until he was basically out of the league, or maybe it was about a security guard at a mall and some skateboarding dudes happened to bust in and take hostages. because as we all know skateboarding dudes are really into crime and dont like to chill with their weed and ride their boards, they aspire to take over malls. Either way Paul Blart Mall Cop is a Huge Box Office success after years of nothing out of Kevin James and Antonio Bryant is the same guy. If the Glazers ( for CYFN Mr. Glazer and his son Owns the Bucs) are reading my post, just remember you saw it here first. Teams will game plan Antonio next year and he will get soft because he got paid, but I digress.
After dropping them off and coming home, my Ex-Wife called me up to yell at me. Generally we don't have to yell at each other much. We have lawyers that argue for us now, even after being divorced for 8 months. Its crazy what they fight about and the tactics that are used but whatever, its almost over (relatively speaking, it will be a few more months of lawyering I am sure) we are legally divorced and would be getting along just fine except her lawyer likes the gravy train and sues me for stuff that I would gladly just give him if he would only allow me to do so. (its a long story)
Monday was work and then home, Tuesday was work with a little going out to dinner action thrown in because I really only make Cheese Crisps, and then same as Wednesday. I also wrote this post tonight. So there you have it an update on the comings and goings of a pretend Charlie Brown from my last post of Wednesday Night to some of the things that have been going on to this Wednesday night.


Compulsively Yours...for now said...

I must admit I leave the hair cutting to the minnow.

Remember the best revenge is to be happy without her.

I would of chosen the chill bar too. I have seen enough titties to last me a life time and I don't like having to pay someone to show them to me. So there you have it I am a penny pincher when it comes to boobies. If they would come home with you for that 20 dollars in ones than that would be another story, but alas they will not so chill bar it is.


Native Minnow said...

Speaking of hair cutting, it's past time to get middle son's hair cut. He likes to spike it, so it looks stupid when it gets long. Unless he were to get a mohawk of some kind. Maybe I should talk him into that. It'd be cheaper. One $20 pair of clippers to shave the sides, and I'd be set for many hair cuts.

You can never see enough boobies, but only if there is going to be more action associated with them. Anything else is just a tease IMO.

It's too bad you're still dealing with lawyers and stuff. Doesn't divorce suck? (that's rhetorical, no need to respond)

NTF said...

I haven't paid to see boobs in a long time. Then again, sadly, I rarely see them anymore. Maybe I will start paying to see them again cause, well, that's just good clean fun.
Anyway, hockey with free beer and celery is all good so glad to know your having fun.
Now get us into that box or courtside for the SEC basketball tourney so I can come hang with you for that kinda fun.

Compulsively Yours...for now said...

I blogged about you. ***wink, wink***