Sunday, February 22, 2009

Paul Blart is the same as Antonio Bryant

I have a few issues to talk about that are kind of unrelated and yet, in the end I will relate them, because that is what I do.

1) Antonio Bryant has just been named as the franchise player for the Bucs. This bothers me on a couple of levels. First of all, has not anyone followed his career ? He was great in College, and then he was drafted relatively high into the NFL. He had a bunch of years with a few teams in the League in which he was marginal as a wide receiver at best. "IN FACT" he was even out of the league in 2007. The Bucs picked him up with a minimum contract in 2008 and he happened to DOMINATE last year. Now the bucs offered him 9.8 million dollars for one year, and he turned it down. They are now franchising him. Is this not absurd? He did have a good year, but he has also provided about 6 shity years to review as well. Why do they just assume that next year will be like this past year and not the other mediocre years before that?
2) Paul Blart Mall Cop did not suck as a movie although Kevin James basically, and usually just makes crap movies. he is like ANTONIO BRYANT in the sense that his T/V show: "King of Queens" was awesome, just like BRYANTS college career. Then Bryant made it to the NFL and kind of sucked, just like KEVIN JAMES went into making shity movies.
Kevin James finally makes a movie in "Paul Blart Mall Cop" that although it kind of sucks, it moves you, and he made a bunch of dollars. You, as a reader of this blog go "HOLY SHIT" KJ is the same guy as AB. They are basically okay in their fields but then they have the one hit and we are supposed to worship them? THAT'S CRAZY. Antonio Bryant is a Marginal player at best and Kevin James is sort of funny but not in a funny way that you would ever give him his own audience type of funny.
No, they are both probably going to go back to sucking only they are both going to get paid really well to suck in the future.


quin browne said...

being paid well when you suck proves the peter principle.

Compulsively Yours...for now said...

Nodded off there for a min. Sorry, guy stuff and all, kinda like me talking about getting pretty flowers painted on my nails.

"they are both probably going to go back to sucking only they are both going to get paid really well to suck in the future."

Where is this place I can get paid to suck? I am good at sucking. Like sucking in life right? Or do you mean the other kinda of sucking? Either way, I am gonna be rich! said...

I think KJ has already received the green light for a Mall Cop sequel moving us one step closer to our Idiocracy future.

Bill From Gainesville said...

QB -- Peter principle indeed
CYFN -- sorry about the boredom and yes getting paid and still sucking is a kind of art
Pop -- if they make a Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 then I will go because as stupid as it was KJ was kind of funny in this thing very physical comedy