Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bill Gates lets loose some Goth looking Mosquitos

I was reading today about Bill Gates and his speech at the TED conference. He no longer runs Microsoft, as he is retired from that now. He basically runs a philanthropic non profit with about 36 billion dollars that he is giving away to make the world a better place. He and Tim Tebow both work to make the world all full of chocolaty gooey happiness draped in goodness, But Tim also leads the Gators to National Championships.
One of Bill Gates projects is to try to cure Malaria in third world countries. That, and improving our educational system in America specifically, and the world in general. Today though, at the TED conference, his speech was about malaria. As he was giving it, he opened up a jar that had a bunch of Mosquitoes in it, and let them fly out into the audience. His point was that basically poor people in third world countries are the ones that get Malaria but if rich people got it, maybe we would do more about combating it.,2933,488348,00.html
These Mosquitoes were not malaria carriers. These mosquitoes were evidently the good type. Sure they probably would still suck your blood and give you a little welt, but in the end they probably would not kill you.
Okay, maybe no mosquito is "good" but lets just say these particular mosquitoes may have been misunderstood. These particular non malaria carrying Mosquitoes are like the Goth kid who is all quiet in the back of the classroom while he wears black trench coats, but secretly he is a straight A student who watches his little sister in the evenings, while his parents work in the salt mines to put food on the table. --- You may just see the Goth Kid and go what the fuck and hope he is not going to go all Columbine, but underneath all that makeup and black clothes and leather dog bands worn as wristbands, is just a good kid. Same with these Mosquitoes.

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