Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mixed Emotions

Watching this makes me feel Joy and Sadness all at the same time.
That is a weird combination. It's like eating a Salty, and Sweet, piece of Pizza, and not hating that, or putting Hot Sauce, (which I love) on Ice cream, which I also love. You just never think of mixing those flavors and yet here is a mix of flavors for your eyes. - Your Eyes and your emotions are just more advanced than your taste-buds. They can process the contradictions inherent in the visual.

Overall, I realize the Joy in watching this truly out-weighs the underlying sadness, otherwise you really could not stand it. I have watched it about ten times, and each time it makes me cry. I honestly don't want to watch it enough where I don't.

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Bill From Gainesville said...

That first kid who starts the video and then is surprised by her dad, kills me every time, and then the Girl at minute 4:41 when I assume it is her siblings that she sees and she runs up and hugs them, and then pulls her head back to just look at their faces and then hugs them again and starts crying.... Such raw Emotion, such raw love, they both just absolutely kill me.