Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Car Maintenance

Had to take my car into the shop for regular maintenance today and the service advisor told me about a bunch of other problems that I didn't even know It had. It was like going into the doctor for a regular checkup and coming out sweating the biopsy and hoping it was not malignant. It was like landing on Chance in the game of Monopoly and getting that shitty card that says you get ten dollars for coming in second in a beauty contest. Good to get the ten bucks and know your car is not going to give you any problems, bad because second is really only the first loser, Plus, you know, spending the few hundred extra dollars that I didn't know I was going to spend when I woke up this morning.
Anyhow, I listened to them and tried to figure out how much of what they were saying was bullshit and how much was important. It was especially difficult because the service advisor was smoking hot, and I wanted her to think I knew at least as much about car engines as she does.
Deep down though, we both know, in that regard, she is more of a man then I am. Very Emasculating stuff, but I am still pretty sure She Can't pee while standing up. Don't get me wrong, I am comfortable enough with what I do know about car engines, and really see no need to become more knowledgeable because of the time and effort it would take. I will totally try to get that same service advisor the next time I take my car into the shop, because, well because, yeah, she was hot and competent and thats just sexy.

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