Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cowboy Son

It was ill advised. I was in the moment. I was in Texas, and not only that, It was the largest Country bar ever. They had a gift shop, and again, I admit it was ill advised, and not only that, I already had quite a few beers, so what the hell, when in Ancient Rome, wear a toga, When in Texas wear a Cowboy Hat.

I tried it on and then bought it, but just like you should not drive drunk, you shouldn't buy Cowboy Hats when you are drunk either. It almost fit, but "almost" is the key word. It was to small. I wore it that night in the bar, but the next day when I sobered up, it was clear the thing was just to damn small. For me.
Its just a little big for my son, but he will grow into it.

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