Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Shout out to Mr. Peter Buckley

Reading this weeks Sports Illustrated, I came across this nugget. A British Boxer, Peter Buckley, had his last fight this past Friday, which he won. It was his 300th and final fight. He finished his career with a record of 32-256-12. Before he won his last fight, he had a string of 88 straight bouts that he had lost or drawn. Talk about a tough way to make a living. Boxing in general, but then getting your ass kicked that much for that long? Wow!
The guy he beat up has only been in two fights. Both against Buckley. His record? 0-1-1. Don't think that guy is going to last another 298.
So the staff here at STUFFYOUTHINKYOUNEED is giving a shout out to Mr. Buckley. You sir have persevered.
Getting up and grinding it out to make a living is one key to being successful.

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