Friday, November 7, 2008

The 332 to the 352

Doing the 332 to the 352 today. Except I am gonna add a little to it today to once again see what happens when you leave oil on a hot stove and then fall asleep.
About a month ago I ragged out my front bumper on a curb and a week ago I did it again, and now My ride rolls with a bit of duct tape holding the bumper together. I bought a special pretty green color duct tape to represent, well, to represent nothing , but it does stand out more then the silver. Never saw green duct tape and as it cost the same price as the silver, I figured why not treat myself. I am worth it!
Don't do that with ketchup though, I once bought a bottle of that stuff when it first came out because they said it tasted exactly like normal ketchup and I suppose it did, but looking at your hotdog with that Green ketchup draped all over it will flick a neuron in your brain that something is just flat out WRONG. Kid you not, Threw the bottle away after that. Luckily my brain is okay with different colored duct tape.
Also, Spellcheck is telling me that hotdog is not one word. I disagree and have left it in that way. To hell with spellcheck. What if the person who programmed that thing can't spell himself?


Michele-a-licious said...

Godspeed Mr. Werther...Godspeed.

PS I know what happens when you leave oil on a hot stove and fall asleep which is why I am now in underwriting.

Have a great weekend!

Bill From Gainesville said...

Licious -- it is never good when you leave Oil on a stove. -- and I did have a great weekend, hope you did also.