Monday, October 18, 2010


Steve Addazio --- Look at all the sadness. It's everywhere. You are destroying a beautiful College Football Program almost single handily. Little Girls are crying on my blog because of you.

- Steve, This little girl is Sad because you don't have any rhythm in your play calling. Not only do you not have any rhythm, You don't seem to understand the game of Football, which is really strange considering that your job is Offensive Coordinator of a perennially top ranked College Football team and that in and of itself is also sad.

(photo from pfs)
Hot chicks are sad because of you STEVE. -- Look at her, she is hot, and she is sad, and you made her that way. She can't bare to look because it hurts her eyes. Steve, Quit hurting our eyes with your silly little ideal of play calling. Quit making everyone in Gator Nation Sad.
(photo from pfs)
Steve - These College Kids only get to go to Florida for 4 or 5 years or so, and now forever and ever they will have to reference this year of their college careers as "that one where Steve Addazio made me sad"

(photo from pfs)
This is your boss. He is Sad. You have made him that way. He Likes you though and evidently has a high tolerance for Sadness so he puts up with you instead of demoting you. He is ultimately responsible, and if you are still there as the OC in the 2011 college football season then Me and hundreds of other thousands like me will quit being mad at you for making us so sad and re-direct the sadness to him. (I will put up with him making me sad for much longer then I can put up with you making me sad, because he was so good to us since he has been here. He has a 3 year sadness leash with me. Your sadness leash however is all used up. You made me sad some last year, but it has only gotten worse this year.)

Steve ---- That is a Sad Tear. It is a tear filled with memories of how it did not used to be sad around Gator Nation. Steve - do the right thing and turn in your resignation. Sad is no way to go through life as a college football fan.


Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Girl in the wife beat was very hot and looked very sad. Hope things turn around for your Gators. : )

Kat said...

What game on Saturday? I didn't see a Gator game on Saturday. At least that is what I keep telling myself.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Dr. Ken... Yes, Hot and Sad -- Kat---. Denial is a stage we all go through!